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Calabasas Promotes Safe Driving for Teens

April 2-8 is California Safe Teen Driving Week

By: Patte Gilbert

At the beginning of every April, California observes Safe Teen Driving Week to educated teens on the risks of reckless driving. This year, Calabasas High School supported this week by hosting a free safe driving seminar for their students, arranged by the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy. The course was held Monday and consisted of two driving sessions. In the first session a student drove without any distractions and in the second, a student drove with distractions. One of the students, Jessica Fuld who partook in the course said, “It was hard to concentrate on everything. You had to do so many things, like talk on the phone…the girl behind me was hitting me and telling me to look at her text and it was really difficult.”

In tandem with the seminar, Impact Teen Drivers came to the school and played out a car crash caused by texting while driving. After the simulation, Martha Tessmer spoke to the school in an assembly. She described the personal story of her son who died in a reckless driving accident and urged students to make intelligent decisions while in the car. “Every road trip is an important one because every decision made in a vehicle could be the last one you make in this world, so whether you’re a driver or a passenger make good choices.” Tessmer’s traumatic story brought the dangers of reckless driving to life on a very emotional level for the students.

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