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Vasa Park in Agoura Hills: a Local Treat for Family Activities and Company Events

Vasa Park in Agoura Hills, CA

Given that Southern California is known for its spectacular weather, Vasa Park is a great place to enjoy the sunshine and host family activities or company events and picnics. Situated in Agoura Hills at 2854 Triunfo Canyon Rd., this park is beloved by the local community for all that it has to offer, from twisting water slides and a spacious picnic area to a wide array of fascinating Scandinavian events. Vasa Park is always bustling with energy, creating an exciting atmosphere that’s great for the whole family!

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The beautiful city of Agoura Hills is lined with numerous parks and recreational facilities for you and your family to enjoy once you’ve moved into your new home. Likely the most intriguing of these parks is Vasa Park, nestled conveniently within the Santa Monica Mountains. Because of its fantastic location, you’ll have spectacular views of rippling creeks, lush green fields, and a bountiful amount of Oak trees, which are great for offering shade during hot weather.

Vasa Park Yearly Events & Company Picnics

Since Vasa Park is privately owned by Team Play Events, an event planning company in Southern California, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the yearly events that are held at this park for families and company picnics, as these are among the only times that the park opens to the public. There are three events that are held annually on the grounds of the park, each of which is sponsored by its own Swedish organization as a means of supporting and emphasizing the Swedish culture. There’s also an additional event available for youth Vasa members in the summer that will be detailed later.

The first of these events is SpringFest, which is a fun event held at the onset of spring every year. This annual event is a family day that’s available to Vasa members and any guests they decide to bring along. A slew of activities and entertainment are offered all throughout the day, starting with a delicious waffle breakfast at 9:00AM, where you’ll be able to sample popular Swedish dishes like strawberries and whipped creme as well as Swedish coffee.

All of the park water sports are open during this event, providing you and the rest of your family with access to many enticing areas to visit, such as the alpine slide, waterslide, rock climbing area, and a spacious swimming pool. Lunch is catered to everyone at SpringFest and entertainment is ongoing throughout the day, allowing you to listen to local musicians as you make your way around the park. If you have time, stop by the Swedish car exhibit, which displays a wide range of Swedish Volvo and Fiat vehicles for you to peruse.

The next of the three annual events is the Midsummer Festival, which recently celebrated its 97th year back in June. With so many activities available for attendees to partake in, this event was recently expanded to two full days of celebrations, the festivities of which begin with a coronation luncheon where a Midsummer Queen is selected and crowned.

This outdoor festival is sponsored by the Swedish American Central Association of Southern California and includes singing, folk dancing, and the raising of the Maypole, a unique event that has its roots in Swedish and European festivals. Food and drinks are provided by the park and a range of Scandinavian vendors can be found throughout the premises, providing you and your family with the ability to take part in Swedish culture.

The final event of the season is the Scandinavian Autumn Fest, a market and Swedish meatball contest that offers you the opportunity to sample some popular Swedish food while listening to Scandinavian music, watching folk dancers, and listening to the Viking reenactment group share stories about the historical Vikings and the journeys they went on. Breakfast is provided at 9:00AM on the day of the festival while the Swedish meatball contest is held at noon, the winner of which is chosen by the guests in attendance and is provided with a trophy at the end of the festival.

As you’re traversing the park, you’ll find a substantial amount of Scandinavian vendors and artisans that offer specialty items you can’t find anywhere else. All of the standard activities and attractions in the park are open throughout the day, such as the swimming pool, bounce house, waterslide, alpine tube slide, rock wall, petting zoo, and a variety of fun and adventurous games. A pie eating contest is also held during the celebrations, which you can enter if you feel bold enough to do so.

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It’s also possible to hold a company picnic at Vasa Park through Team Play Events. All of the standard Vasa Park attractions and activities are available during company picnics, making this park a very appealing destination for such events. Food is also provided by the park itself, which is typically standard BBQ picnic fare. If your company picnic is open to the whole family, there are many activities for your children to enjoy.

Activities, tasty food, and a 274-foot water slide!

As both parts scenic park and event venue, a visit to Vasa Park will have you and your family taking part in all kinds of unique and interesting activities. Events hosted here have had everything from all-you-can-eat buffets, to family-friendly bouncy houses, to company team-building exercises, to a 274-ft. waterslide. Since the park is situated over 30 acres, it has been outfitted with a large number of different activities that might pique your child’s interest. Your children might enjoy the bouncer obstacle course, which is a safe and fun inflatable playground where children must bounce their way to the end of the course. It’s challenging and exciting all at the same time and will keep your child’s attention for hours on end.

Both children and adults will love the waterslide and alpine tube slide, the former of which is just over 270 ft. long. The alpine tube slide sends you down a lengthy and steep slide, after which you’ll likely want to do so a few more times. One of the more popular activities in Vasa Park is gold mining, where you and your family can sift for flakes and small pieces of gold. It’s a fun activity that also gets you into the gold mining history of California. Older teenagers and adults will enjoy the rock climbing area, which comes outfitted with two tall rock climbing stations. Race with your friends to see who can reach the top of the rock first, if any even can.

The food is also wonderful and abundant in nature, mostly including such picnic favorites as hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, BBQ, and chicken, but all of the food is free when attending an event at the park and the picnic facilities are spacious, including dozens of picnic tables and plenty of seating. The food is provided as an all-you-can-eat buffet, so feel free to stack up plates with whatever dish excites your taste buds.

Viking Village Youth Camp

Similarly to the three annual events mentioned previously, one distinctive aspect of Vasa Park is its Viking Village Youth Camp that’s held there every year. This camp is available for one week each year for youth between the ages of 8-14, though every child who attends must be related to parents or grandparents who are members of the Vasa Order of America.

If you have a teenager above the age of 14 that would like to be a part of the youth camp, anyone above the age of 14 can apply for an opportunity to become a youth counselor. In recent years, these counselors have even had the opportunity of attending a two-week Swedish language camp in Sweden due to a $25,000 scholarship fund provided by the Vasa Park Association.

Like all facets of this park, the Viking Village Youth Camp has a lengthy history with Swedish roots, although anyone is open to becoming a member of the park or attending an event there. Before camp begins, families are typically invited by the camp to eat with their children who are attending the camp over a Swedish meatball or potluck dinner, after which the week-long camp officially begins. The camp has been held annually since 2006 and has always served as a celebration of Swedish culture and a learning experience for the children who attend, some of which might even have Swedish ancestors.

While there are a wide range of adventurous activities for children to take part in throughout the week, many of these activities focus on Swedish culture, where your children will be able to learn a few words from the Swedish language, watch folk dancing and singing, and participate in traditional Swedish crafts. Most of the Swedish activities are held in the late afternoon and evening.

Throughout the rest of the week, your children will be able to participate in many different day programs, from zip line rides and go-carts to rock climbing and swimming. Some of the additional activities and events that your children will be able to enjoy include paddle boats, horseback riding, fishing, a bounce obstacle course, a selection of carnival rides, and sports like soccer and touch football. No matter which types of activities your children are interested in, they’re sure to find something they love to do at the Viking Village Youth Camp.

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