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Fire Coverage With Homeowner’s Insurance: What You Need to Know

Firefighters fighting a House Fire

The state of California and its residents have always had to beware the threat of wildfires, a threat that came to fruition on October 9th in Northern and Southern California simultaneously, especially in and around Napa Valley and Orange County. More than 5,000 homes were evacuated in Southern California on the first day alone, as the problems caused by the spreading of the fires put many homes in the path of danger.
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Where to find Ranch Properties & Equestrian Communities in the Conejo Valley

Find Ranch Properties in the Conejo Valley

The Conejo Valley weather and climate caters to an almost perfect setting for a beautiful ranch property, offering picturesque sunsets and clear skies throughout much of the year. Many of the communities in this area are heavily influenced by equestrian lifestyles, displayed through the inclusion of a large variety of bridle trails and ranch properties. Large estates with expansive lot sizes allow for plenty of room for your ranch where you can tailor the features and amenities of the property to your specific desires. If you’ve recently started searching for a home that classifies as a ranch or equestrian property, knowing where these properties are located within the many communities of the Conejo Valley should help you find exactly what you’re searching for without wasting your time.

Old Agoura

Old Agoura is a portion of Agoura Hills that’s situated within the foothills of Chesebro National Park, providing residents with beautiful scenery and access to rural countryside, despite the fact that the area is a mere 10 minutes away from popular Malibu beaches. If you wish to live an equestrian lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to know that Old Agoura is home to an active United States Pony Club of America, allowing members to learn all there is to know about horses while taking part in numerous events throughout the year, from show jumping and dressage to tetrathlon and mounted games.

Old Agoura in Agoura Hills, CA

Old Agoura is a portion of Agoura Hills that’s situated within the foothills of Chesebro National Park, providing residents with beautiful scenery and access to rural countryside.

There is currently no HOA within Old Agoura, but you’re required to pay $25 in order to cover the annual neighborhood BBQ and a few additional events that heighten the sense of community in the area. Since many homes in Old Agoura are comprised of large lots, the majority have been custom-built to adhere to the equestrian and ranch lifestyle, as all properties have been zoned to allow four horses per half acre. When out and about in the neighborhood, you’ll also have access to a public recreational facility, which itself comes with a full children’s playground and baseball field. All around Old Agoura are a large number of state park trails and bridle paths, making it easy to take your horse out whenever you wish to.

Although Old Agoura is a subsection of Agoura Hills, the ranch properties located within Old Agoura typically run at a higher median sales price than the homes within Agoura Hills as a whole. The homes in Old Agoura range from large estate homes to ranch houses. When searching for a ranch property in Old Agoura, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1-2 million on average, which is a moderate five percent increase from last year. Most properties in Old Agoura cost around $400-$450 per sq. ft., although this price can raise dramatically depending on the size of the ranch that you select. Most lots in Old Agoura extend from 2-4 acres, providing you with a spacious area for your equestrian lifestyle.

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Calabasas is one of the larger cities on this list and offers a wide range of different environments when purchasing a home in the area, including ranch properties that allow you to live an equestrian lifestyle. Calabasas is especially proactive in protecting the open space within city limits, allowing you to purchase a ranch property with complete confidence that it will retain its natural setting. A nearly 3,000-acre portion of land in Calabasas was saved from development by the city and later converted into the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Space Reserve, a beautiful area that offers stunning views and provides residents with access to a substantial amount of equestrian trails.

Pool view in Calabasas, CA

Calabasas offers a unique combination of city life and rural life.

Calabasas offers a unique combination of city life and rural life, which is exemplified by the presence of a weekly farmers market located in Old Town Calabasas as well as the numerous tack shops, ranches, and equestrian activities in the city. Although there are a large variety of equestrian centers in Calabasas, the most popular of these is likely the Mill Creek Equestrian Center.

When you’re buying a property in Calabasas, there are a vast selection of homes to choose from, the vast majority of which are single-family residences. However, you’ll also find a wide array of estate homes, ranch houses, and townhouses to select from depending on your specifications. Given the sheer breadth of different home types available in Calabasas, there are many different lot sizes, ranging from a minimal yard of under .25 acres to up to 10 acres for ranch properties, although the majority of ranch homes run from 1-3 acres in size.

When considering the price of a ranch property, most range from just over $1 million to more than $15 million, largely depending on the size of the home located on the property. When taking all properties into account, the average price for a house in Calabasas is around $1.2 million, an increase of just over 25 percent from the same period last year. Over the past six months, the median sales price has experienced mild fluctuations between $1.1 and $1.25 million, which seems to display a steadying trend that indicates that now is a good time to buy.

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Somis is a small area in the Conejo Valley that provides access to many ranch properties, some of which come with picturesque ocean views. Over the years, Somis has proved to be a very popular destination for anyone who wishes to lead a ranch or equestrian lifestyle, as the area is filled with bridle trails that your horses will love. One of the more popular destinations in Somis is the Underwood Family Farms, a spacious farm where you can pick delicious fruits and vegetables, purchase something from the on-site farmers market, or participate in a fun hayride with the family. There are several vast A circuit show barns in the area as well as a few Olympic training facilities that provide your horses with the best quality training. In total, this equestrian community is home to around 58 additional riding and boarding facilities for you to enjoy.

If Somis is on your short list of destinations to move to in the Conejo Valley, you should know that many of the homes in this community are either ranch houses or custom-built estate homes, although there are some single-family residences as well for you to consider. The properties in Somis typically include lots of around .5-2 acres, with some that extend to five acres and one or two that can be found with around 30 acres of land. Home prices in Somis have remained consistent over the past year, as market trends indicate an increase of only five percent on the median price in that time with an average price per sq. ft. of $400. Although the median sales price for a home in August 2017 is $962,000, this takes all property sizes into account. For homes with at least 4 bedrooms, you can expect to pay an average of a little under $1.4 million.

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Hidden Hills

The Hidden Hills community is a rural one by nature, having been developed as a means of staying true to the roots of the city. This community is lined with numerous barns, corrals, and rustic equestrian trails that allow you to live an equestrian lifestyle with ease. There are around 2,000 residents in total hills, all of which have access to many theater programs, neighborhood barbecues, and holiday parades throughout the year. Although many of the homes in the community are estate houses, there are also a vast number of ranch properties that offer ample open space. Just to the north of Hidden Hills lies the protected Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Space Preserve that provides quick access to many equestrian trails for your horses.

Hidden Hills, CA

Hidden Hills is lined with numerous barns, corrals, and rustic equestrian trails that allow you to live an equestrian lifestyle with ease.

The homes within the gated community of Hidden Hills come in many types, though the majority are opulent estate houses with sizable lots. Almost all homes in Hidden Hills are situated on lots of at least 1 acre, although they typically range from 1-5 acres in size. There is also an array of original ranch-style homes in the area that have been redesigned and renovated to match their authentic rustic look, allowing you to find a house that meets your equestrian needs. The median sales price for a house in Hidden Hills is $1.8 million, although the majority of large ranch properties range anywhere from $3-7 million, with some extending to the $15-20 million range.

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Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a community west of Lake Sherwood that consists mostly of large ranch properties where you can enjoy the equestrian lifestyle, due largely to the fact that each property consists of sizable lots where your horses can roam and enjoy the beautiful Conejo Valley weather. Hidden Valley is also home to some of the most renowned equestrian centers in the world, such as Los Lagos Equestrian. If you’re searching for a dressage training facility when in Hidden Valley, the Edith Stephens & Patricia Harris Dressage Training Barn is one of the best in California. Even though the city is only 30 miles from Los Angeles, you’ll feel as though you’re in the rural countryside of Vermont or Montana. Because the community is situated close to the Pacific Ocean, the weather is comfortable all throughout the year, only reaching an average high in the mid 70’s throughout the summer months.

Hidden Valley, CA

Hidden Valley is a community that consists mostly of large ranch properties where you can enjoy the equestrian lifestyle.

As an affluent rural community in the Conejo Valley, the homes in Hidden Valley are almost exclusively large estate houses, sizable mansions, and ranch homes, the latter of which is the most prevalent. Hidden Valley was designed as a community where prospective homeowners could go to live in relative seclusion among nature, which is why the lots in Hidden Valley are a minimum of 20 acres, providing for all of your equestrian and ranch needs. There are approximately 60 homes within the limits of Hidden Valley, several of which are typically on the market at a given time. While some of these houses and lots will sell for as low as $5 million, some of the more extravagant houses can sell for upwards of $20 million.

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If you wish to purchase a ranch property that will fit your equestrian lifestyle or merely because you enjoy living in a rural area, contact a real estate professional at Ewing & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty today and we’d be happy to assist with your search for an equestrian or ranch property.

Exploring The Community of Oak Park, CA

780 Sassafrass Way Oak Park CA-large-001-IMG 3023-1500x1000-72dpi

Oak Park is an unincorporated community in Southern California that’s located just nearby Agoura Hills and provides residents with a safe and desirable residential community. Many of the homes in Oak Park are single-family residences, though a few of the neighborhoods in the area consist of townhouses, condominiums, and duplexes. The weather in the community is always beautiful, offering sunshine and comfortable temperatures on a consistent basis at any time of the year. Read More

The City of Westlake Village

Westlake Village Lake

When you’re starting to narrow down your list of cities where you would like to purchase a home, consider Westlake Village, which is one of the most desirable places to live in the Conejo Valley and boasts amazing views of the surrounding Westlake Lake. This city is a planned community that was designed to provide residents with a safe and private place to live, which is displayed by the fact that much of Westlake Village is surrounded by open space, complete with hiking trails for exercising and horse trails if you enjoy riding. With three golf courses and country clubs to select from, many residents of this community love to golf, a love that’s buoyed by the pleasant and sunny weather that persists all throughout the year.
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Malibu Real Estate Market Trends 2017

Malibu Beachfront Home with Ocean View

Malibu is a premier luxury destination in California that’s known for its spectacular weather and stunning views and is home to many notable celebrities. This highly desirable area composed of luxury properties with panoramic ocean views as well as easy access to many beaches on the Pacific coast. The luxury property prices run up to $60 million, though the average property price is around $7 million. There’s plenty of variety in home prices and types, allowing you to find the home of your dreams (within your budget).
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Home Cooling Systems: How to stay cool in the Conejo Valley

Keeping your Home cool by Ewing SIR

Southern California is one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. due largely to its beautiful sunny weather throughout the year. Unfortunately, it can get pretty hot during the summer months, especially in the Conejo Valley. If you are currently a homeowner or are considering purchasing your first home, home cooling systems are essential for keeping cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. When it comes to home cooling systems, there are many different types to choose from, all with their own unique advantages that you may want to consider before the next heat wave hits! Read More

Vasa Park in Agoura Hills: a Local Treat for Family Activities and Company Events

Vasa Park in Agoura Hills, CA

Given that Southern California is known for its spectacular weather, Vasa Park is a great place to enjoy the sunshine and host family activities or company events and picnics. Situated in Agoura Hills at 2854 Triunfo Canyon Rd., this park is beloved by the local community for all that it has to offer, from twisting water slides and a spacious picnic area to a wide array of fascinating Scandinavian events. Vasa Park is always bustling with energy, creating an exciting atmosphere that’s great for the whole family! Read More

11 Best Agoura Hills Restaurants 2017

11 Best Agoura Hills Restaurants

Agoura Hills is a premier residential destination in Southern California that’s filled with beautiful parks, hiking trails, and fun activities and entertainment for you and your family or friends to partake in. If you’re searching for a home in Agoura Hills, the city plays host to many beautiful homes and communities for you to consider. Agoura Hills also is in close proximity to many exciting Southern California destinations like the city of Los Angeles and the Malibu Creek State Park. When you’re spending your day shopping or going out to see a movie, these restaurants are some of the best in Agoura Hills and can accommodate any cuisine preference.
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The Morrison Ranch Estates

Morrison Ranch Home

Located in the city of Agoura Hills, Morrison Ranch is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Conejo Valley, providing residents with a prime location that’s just nearby a great selection of award-winning schools, numerous shopping centers, and delicious eateries. This affluent neighborhood was first developed in the early 1980’s and has since grown to include over 1,000 homes, many of which are elegant single-family residences with large yards and ample amenities. If you’re searching for the right property in Morrison Ranch, the community is family-friendly with a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.
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11 Best Hiking Trails in Agoura Hills

11 Best Hiking Trails in Agoura Hills, CA

Agoura Hills is a popular destination in Southern California that’s situated nearby Calabasas and Westlake Village and sits almost directly between Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains, providing residents of the city with great places to hike and get in touch with nature. This city was settled by the Spanish Franciscan missionaries in the late 18th century and was a well-traveled destination for many years due to the natural spring located at the foot of Ladyface Mountain. The city itself began to develop into a bustling residential community in the late 1960’s once the Ventura Freeway was built and has seen tremendous growth since those years. Agoura Hills residents are fortunate to enjoy many outdoor activities with beautiful scenic views and breezy weather that ensures comfort and relaxation, making it a great place to live for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. If you love getting outdoors with your friends and family, you’ll love this list of our favorite hiking trails in Agoura Hills!
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