11 Best Restaurants in Camarillo

11 Best Restaurants in Camarillo

Camarillo is a beautiful city in Ventura County that lies within a picturesque coastal valley that offers cool ocean breezes and comfortable temperatures throughout most of the year.

The city is known for playing host to the expansive Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District, providing residents of the city with convenient access to various recreational facilities, dog parks, tennis courts, soccer fields, and hiking trails, making it a great destination if you love to spend time outdoors. When you’re out and about the city for lunch and dinner, consider visiting Camarillo Premium Outlets, a popular shopping mall in the heart of Camarillo that provides access to dozens of high-end stores, brand name shops, and smaller boutiques, allowing you to spend hours there without feeling the need to shop anywhere else.

This city is a wonderful place to live in part because there are many different types of people here and many different types of restaurants to cater to the different tastes that abound. Below is a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Camarillo!

11. Institution Ale

The Institution Ale is a craft brewery in Camarillo that provides visitors with a chance to taste some unique American ales that are created on site. They rotate different beers in and out of their menu throughout the year to provide everyone who visits with something new to taste that they might not have tried before. You can take a tour of the brewery when visiting, which allows you to get a glimpse at the distillation process and all that it entails. The on-site tasting room allows you to taste their many different flavors and includes a casual food menu of mostly American fare like pizzas and gourmet snacks. Inside, there are five HDTVs that are useful when the game is on, an outdoor patio area with a fire pit is also available.

10. Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

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The Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill is a regional restaurant chain in Camarillo that offers a lively and fun atmosphere designed for the whole family. The menu at this eatery is filled primarily with classic diner and grill fare like barbecue, burgers, and hot dogs, although it also includes some healthy dishes for those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you visit during happy hour, they offer numerous deals on their drinks and bar menu. Although this restaurant is part of a chain, it’s also very popular among residents of Camarillo, so you might want to consider making a reservation before you visit. Take-out is available if you’d rather dine at home, and the eatery can act as a venue for large parties if you reserve in advance.

9. Blvd Brgr

Blvd Brgr is a unique fast-casual eatery in the city that offers a vast array of different burgers to taste, although their menu also consists of numerous salads, sides, and shakes for you to pair your meal with. Their dozen craft burgers are largely based on American cuisine but also include Italian and French versions. They have an extensive beer list as well that offers numerous brands of ale on tap and by the bottle.

The atmosphere inside is very laid back and relaxing, making it a great place to go after a long day at work or when traveling with the family. Just outside the eatery is a dining area with around half a dozen seating areas with umbrellas to provide shade during sunny afternoons. This destination is open for both lunch and dinner.

8. Twenty 88 Bistro & Martini Bar

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Twenty 88 Bistro & Martini Bar is a sleek and stylish eatery that’s known for their creative and one-of-a-kind cocktails as well as the New American fare that they offer. If the place is busy or you would rather eat outdoors, this restaurant offers comfortable sidewalk seating with a more casual experience than the fine dining atmosphere that’s available inside, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, you should make a reservation before visiting, as it can become very busy.

Their American cuisine menu is lined with delicious gourmet dishes, although the serving size is substantial for an upscale bistro. You might also consider ordering one of their unique cocktails, which are crafted by a professional mixologist.

7. Relm Camarillo Wine & Beer Bistro

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The Relm Camarillo Wine & Beer Bistro is a premium and upscale bistro with a more laid back atmosphere, particularly during nights when live music is playing inside. If you want to make sure that you visit during a night where music is being played, you’ll want to make reservations a couple of weeks ahead of time on either Friday or Saturday night, as live music from both local and statewide bands is held on these two days of the week.

Although this bistro offers a comprehensive beer and wine menu, it’s a family-friendly location that you can visit for lunch or dinner. Their wine list alone consists of around two dozen red and white varietals, allowing you to select a glass of your preferred wine. Their small plate menu revolves primarily around American cuisine, which includes some unique cheeseboards.

6. Sheila’s Place

Sheila’s Place is a wine bar and cafe in Camarillo that provides visitors with fine dining cuisine in a warm and comfortable atmosphere with a touch of eclectic ambiance. If you love wine, the owner of this restaurant makes a point to travel across the vineyards of California on a regular basis to find and bring back bottles from the best vintages in the state, allowing you to sample a wide range of different wines.

Their lunch and dinner menus include basic starters, salads, pastas, entrees, and gourmet pizzas, providing you with a large variety of dishes to consider. Although the names of most of these dishes will sound familiar, they are all made to have their own unique twist with the inclusion of a special sauce or ingredient that makes the food stand out.

All of the ingredients used at Sheila’s Place are fresh and locally sourced, brought directly from the a nearby farm.

5. Lucerne Restaurant

Lucerne Restaurant is a vibrant eatery with an intimate and cozy atmosphere that provides you with an ample menu of Italian cuisine. This cuisine covers a wide array of Italian staples, including several dishes of pasta, gnocchi, and risotto.

Their sizable wine list includes a variety of white, red, sparkling, and dessert wines to choose from, many of which are from the vineyards of California. If you’re visiting for dinner, you’ll enjoy the romantic atmosphere that’s aided by the inclusion of candlelight. You should also consider visiting when they are hosting a wine tasting event, which are held periodically throughout the year. At these wine tastings, you’re provided with five courses, four of which include delicious menu items and a glass of one of their red and white wines, while the fifth is a dessert course that offers a small dessert with coffee, making for a one-of-a-kind experience.

4. Julian’s Restaurant & Bar

Julian’s Restaurant & Bar is a casual eatery in Camarillo that offers a relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere with a neighborhood environment. The menu at this eatery consists largely of American and Italian cuisine, providing you with variety in the dishes you can choose. Their menu consists of a wide selection of entrees as well as numerous artisan sandwiches for you to sample. If you decide to eat at the bar, they provide a cocktail menu that includes a variety of classic drinks with a unique twist.

When the weather is good, consider dining outside, as the restaurant is outfitted with a small and cozy patio area where you can eat under umbrellas. If you visit at night, you might be able to hear a musician play, as live music and entertainment is oftentimes held at Julian’s.

3. Pan Asia Restaurant

The Pan Asia Restaurant is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys authentic Asian cuisine. The menu itself is filled with Asian dishes for you to try, including a large number of staples like fried noodles, fried rice, and many different curries. Their specials and main dishes offer a substantial variety of plates that allow visitors to taste something different each time they visit.

The interiors of the eatery are sleek and stylish, while the atmosphere itself is comfortable and lively, buoyed by the presence of two large HDTVs for easy viewing of a football or basketball game. When ordering, don’t forget to sample one of their many unique Asian inspired drinks.

2. Waypoint Cafe

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Waypoint Cafe is a lively cafe with an energetic atmosphere and a large menu with mostly American fare. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, allowing you to start your day with delicious food and a fun environment.

Although it’s possible to eat inside, most residents who visit tend to take their meal to the spacious outdoor patio, as it offers comfortable seating and an up-close look at the airplanes that come through Camarillo Airport. Both the breakfast and lunch menu consist of standard fare you would expect to find at a cafe but with more fresh and high quality ingredients.

They offer numerous specials throughout the week, including BBQ tri-tip specials on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday as well as fish taco Fridays.

1. Lure Fish House

The Lure Fish House is an elegant seafood restaurant in Camarillo that offers a semi-upscale menu and a picturesque nautical theme. Their plate sizes are massive and you can choose to eat inside, outdoors, or at the bar, the latter of which has its own menu that you can select from.

All of the food at Lure Fish House is locally sourced, which means that you can expect fresh ingredients whenever you visit. Although this is a seafood restaurant, the Lure Fish House is known for its two desserts of key lime pie and Theresa’s cheesecake, both of which can be pre-ordered online if you want a whole pie.

Their lunch and dinner menus are lined with dozens of starters, salads, and seafood entrees that you can try as well as fresh and healthy farm-to-table sides. Visit their bar during happy hour to try one of their many glasses or bottles of beer, wine, rum, and whiskey.

Have a favorite restaurant we may have missed on our list of 11 Best Restaurants in Camarillo? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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