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Hidden Hills is a premier community known for it’s luxurious homes, privacy, and security. This gated community is a very exclusive destination in Southern California notable for its celebrity residents and luxurious homes — home to some of the most expensive properties in all of California! However, the high exclusivity of these homes means that you’ll be provided with all the amenities you could imagine. Locals are certain to spot notable celebrity residents when playing golf at one of the nearby courses or taking a stroll through the neighborhood. Hidden Hills is nestled just beside the Santa Monica mountains, any home you choose in the city will provide you with spectacular views and picturesque sunsets. If the idea of buying a home in Hidden Hills intrigues you, here is what you need to know!

The History of Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills has an intriguing history that first began with its development as a planned community in the 1950’s by A.E. Hanson. Just two homes were built in its first year, the initial of which sold for a mere $35,000. A.E. Hanson was also behind the development of the Rolling Hills community, which is situated on the Palos Verdes peninsula. The roads and streets that make up this city were named firstly from how the streets appeared and secondly from the Western American explorers that the children of A.E. Hanson read about.

Along with the homes sold in Hidden Hills throughout the 1950’s, 1-5 acre lots were also put up for sale for anywhere from $8,000-12,500. The first monthly newspaper in the planned community was circulated in 1958 by Alice Stelle and Eleanor DeCarteret. It was named the “Las Virgenes Enterprise” and is still in circulation today. Though Hidden Hills was started as a small planned community, it was formally incorporated into a city in September of 1961. Since that time, residents have enjoyed the beautiful weather, the peaceful lifestyle, and the many exciting events held all year round throughout this community.

The Hidden Hills Community

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Those who live in Hidden Hills are met by a wonderful community filled with a wide range of amenities and features. These aspects of the city will help you feel right at home in this scenic planned comunity. In general, the climate is warm and temperate throughout the city. However, the location of the nearby mountains helps to provide a wonderful breeze that sweeps through the city, keeping the hottest days from being too humid. Even January lows sit just under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to be comfortable no matter the time of year.

Since Hidden Hills is a gated community, it offers residents a substantial amount of privacy and security. You’re made to feel safe when living on the streets of Hidden Hills, which is particularly beneficial for those who have families and children to consider. The people who live in Hidden Hills are generally searching for a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Many residents in this community are high-profile professionals and have a higher income, as the homes in the area are typically among the most expensive in the city and the surrounding Calabasas area.

The main reason that the homes in Hidden Hills are so expensive is because of the highly exclusive nature of the community. The city is gated completely with guards on hand 24/7 to ensure the safety and privacy of each resident. The homes within are almost entirely comprised of large estate houses and mansions. Each of these houses mark the height of luxury and have spacious lots and massive swimming pools on the property. Some people that move to this area have their home built to their own specifications and in the style they prefer.

As such, the houses come in many different styles, however, the majority of houses and estates are built in the California Ranch style. On average, these houses range from 3,000 sq. ft. to upwards of 10,000 sq. ft. If you’re wondering about the price range, the median price of homes in Hidden Hills is right around $5 million, though some houses are sold for anywhere from $15-20 million. If you want the best home you can buy in Southern California, Hidden Hills is the place to be.

While there are a large variety of fantastic communities situated all throughout Southern California, Hidden Hills offers a slightly more rural setting that makes for a peaceful ambiance. These and many other aspects of the city make it a highly desirable place to live. The community is an inviting one, always looking forward to new residents who wish to live in one of the more exclusive cities in California.

Schools & Education

Since Hidden Hills is one of the smaller cities in Southern California, many of the schools that residents can attend are just nearby in other cities.

If you live in an area of Hidden Hills that’s served by Las Virgenes Unified School District, there are four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Each of these schools is highly rated and has received numerous awards for excellence in education. A few of the primary Las Virgenes District schools available for residents of Hidden Hills include Bay Laurel Elementary School, Alice C. Stelle Middle School, and Calabasas High School. When you sign your child up for one of these schools, you can be confident in knowing that they will receive an exemplary education.

Hidden Hills Shopping & Entertainment

One of the best aspects of Hidden Hills is that the city has a close proximity to many local shops and nightlife in nearby Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, West Hills, and the surrounding areas. Since there are many destinations to choose from, it’s impossible to list them all! However, there are some notable places that you will want to be aware of when living in Hidden Hills. You’ll find that there are events and festivals held on a near weekly basis. These events tailor to any interest that you might have, so just look on the calendar for any event you wish to attend in the near future.

Whenever you want to go shopping, The Commons at Calabasas is one of the foremost shopping destinations in the area. Many residents of Hidden Hills use this luxurious open-air mall as the one-stop destination for all of their shopping needs. You can expect a more upscale experience, as all of the stores and eateries within are made to mirror an authentic European setting. At one moment you’ll feel as though you’re in the fields of Tuscany, Italy, the next among the opulent architecture of Paris. There’s also a lot of entertainment on hand whenever you’re looking to wind down from a tough day at work.

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One of the main stores at this shopping center is the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, though there are also plenty of boutiques and clothing shops like Kate Spade and Chico’s.

When you wish to stop for a bite to eat, there’s a lot to choose from depending on what type of experience you’re searching for. For a small meal or quick cup of coffee, stop by the Corner Bakery Cafe, which stocks up on fresh bread daily. If you want to take your family or spouse out for a fine dining experience, look no further than Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa, a sushi and seafood restaurant that offers a delectable gourmet menu.

There are also plenty of nightlife destinations in and around Hidden Hills, even some designed specifically to cater to children. If ever you find yourself in Woodland Hills, stop by the White Harte Pub, a popular bar that offers an informal experience that’s made to emulate classic British pubs you’re likely to spot in London. This particular bar is notable for its dark wood, spacious patio, and menu that’s filled primarily with eclectic American fare. While they have an extensive beer menu that’s filled with specific brands you can buy on tap or by the bottle, they also have a rather large wine menu you can taste.

If you wish to take your children to a place that they will enjoy, consider stopping by Play It Loud, a wonderful venue that hosts birthday parties and consists of large open gaming areas where your child can spend hours having fun.

This is just a small glimpse of the many aspects of this community that make Hidden Hills such an appealing place to live. Given its close proximity to popular Southern California cities, there’s a lot for you to choose from when planning your next adventure, wherever that may take you!

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