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Oak Park is an unincorporated community in Southern California that’s located just nearby Agoura Hills and provides residents with a safe and desirable residential community. Many of the homes in Oak Park are single-family residences, though a few of the neighborhoods in the area consist of townhouses, condominiums, and duplexes. The weather in the community is always beautiful, offering sunshine and comfortable temperatures on a consistent basis at any time of the year.

When considering a move to Oak Park, there are many neighborhoods to choose from, all of which are lined with stylish homes and offer access to many well-regarded community features such as parks, recreational facilities, hiking trails, and a community pool and spa.

The Sutton Valley neighborhood, for instance, is the most popular in Oak Park, notable for its prime location atop the tall hills in the area as well as the stylish single-family residences. If you’re searching for a home with a large yard, the Sterling Oaks community consists primarily of homes with 4-5 bedroom floor plans at an average of 3,000 sq. ft., although most lots extend for anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 ft. The Country Vista Neighborhood is yet another popular Oak Park community that’s lined with townhouses that are situated at the foothills of mountains, providing residents with beautiful mountain views and scenic surroundings.

Sutton Valley Westlake Village

Sutton Valley is notable for its prime location atop the tall hills in the area as well as the stylish single-family residences. Browse Sutton Valley homes for sale.

History of Oak Park

Oak Park has a unique and fascinating history that first began in 5500 B.C., acting as a home for most of those years to the inland Chumash Indians who would collect yucca and acorns as they went about their daily lives. The area was a very large community for the Chumash Indians, as it consisted of several major villages, rock shelters, and smaller camps. As is the case with most of Ventura County and the surrounding areas, Oak park came under Spanish control when they colonized the area in the late 18th century, this specific area being provided as a land grant to a soldier of the Santa Barbara company in 1795.

With the dawn of the 20th century and the creation of motion pictures, studios began to film a wide range of movies in Oak Park, including westerns like “A Walk in the Sun”. The land that was to become known as Oak Park was purchased by the Metropolitan Development Corporation in the early 1960’s, after which a large number of homes and residences started to be built in the community.

Oak Park Homes for Sale

The vast majority of properties that you’ll see in Oak Park are single-family homes, many of which consist of 3-4 bedrooms and a large number of amenities such as outdoor pools, fireplaces, and spacious, stylish kitchens. If you want to be confident that you aren’t purchasing a home at the wrong price, understanding recent market trends should go a long way towards providing you with the information and data necessary to make sure that your purchase is a sound one.

The real estate market in Oak Park is currently thriving, largely because of sustained increases in home prices over the past five years without any substantial drop-off in the amount of homes sold each month. The median sales price for a home in Oak Park is around $770,000, which is an increase of nearly 25 percent since the same period last year. Although this is a substantial increase, prices are typically at their highest during the fall months, as the June and July median sales price was $630,000.

When it comes to the amount of homes sold per month in the area, the numbers have remained remarkably consistent over the past five years, dipping in the spring of each year to around 33-38 homes sold in a month before rising to a height of anywhere from 65-80 during August and September. During July and August 2017, the amount of homes sold each month rested between 71-75, making it a very competitive market at the moment. If you’re searching for a specific home size that will fit within your set budget, the prices for both 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom homes have been consistent year-over-year, with increases of .5 percent and .2 percent to $286,000 and $411,000 respectively. The prices for a 3-bedroom home have seen the largest increase, as the current price is around $754,000, an increase of nearly 24 percent since this time last year. However, 4-bedroom home prices have decreased over the last year by around six percent and currently sit at a price of $890,000.

Oak Park Schools & Education

Although Oak Park was once served by the Simi Valley Unified School District, the residents of the community formed their own Oak Park Unified School District in 1977, which has gone on to become one of the most award-winning districts in the U.S. The schools within the Oak Park Unified School District that are available to residents of the community include Brookside ElementaryOak Hills ElementaryRed Oak ElementaryMedea Creek MiddleOak Park High, and Oak View High.


The Oak Park Unified School District is one of the most award-winning school districts in the U.S.!

Each school on this list has received dozens of awards and recognition over the years for their pursuit of educational excellence. For instance, Oak Park High School was given the NASA Student Launch Projects award in 2013 and was one of only 21 schools in the country to have earned this award. Almost all of the schools in the district have received the National Blue Ribbon and California Distinguished School awards over the years, while the district as a whole was awarded as one of Standard and Poor’s 29 outperforming districts in California in 2005. No matter which school your child attends, you can be confident that they are receiving a quality education.

Many of these schools are also outfitted with unique educational and arts programs that your kids might enjoy entering into. If your child is attending Medea Creek Middle School, they offer an advanced Algebra 1 course that can prove useful if they’re considering a STEM major once they reach college. Oak Park High School provides their students with the chance to enroll in a large number of advanced courses, including five art courses, six foreign language courses, four advanced social science courses, two advanced English courses, and 10 STEM courses that cover everything from computer science to chemistry.

Oak Park Local Parks & Recreation

Since Oak Park is situated among Simi Hills, it’s surrounded by natural areas, making it a premier destination for parks, recreational facilities and hiking trails. In total, there are seven parks scattered throughout the community, including Indian SpringsMae BoyarChaparralValley ViewDeerhillOak Canyon Community Park, and Eagle View. Each of these parks and recreational centers offer something unique and fun that you can enjoy when visiting.

Oak Park Community Center & Gardens

The Oak Park Community Center is a vast community center that hosts children’s educational classes, an indoor basketball court, and educational classes for teenagers and adults.

The main dog park in the community is the Oak Canyon Dog Park, which is located at the very back of the Oak Canyon Community Park. This park offers separate areas for both large and small dogs to run around and play with their owners. Each area is gated, making it possible to set your dog loose without using a leash. The Oak Canyon Community Park is one of the most beloved in the area, due largely to the fact that it offers scenic views, numerous nature and hiking trails for you to traverse, and a range of exciting amenities and activities that you can participate in while there, including a large playground with a jungle gym and slides for your children as well as two shaded picnic areas with grills and ample seating.

If you’re into sports, Deerhill Park is the place to be, as it’s equipped with a sizable baseball field, two tennis courts, and two basketball courts that will keep you having fun for hours. You might also want to consider stopping by and joining the Oak Park Community Center, which is a vast community center that hosts children’s educational classes, an indoor basketball court, and educational classes for teenagers and adults.

Oak Park Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Although the Oak Park community is on the smaller side, it offers a vast number of options for dining, entertainment, and shopping whenever you’re out and about the community. If you’re a lover of Chinese food, look no further than the Zen Garden, a family restaurant in Oak Park that specializes in Chinese cuisine. This eatery offers visitors an extensive menu for lunch and dinner that includes dozens of dishes for you to sample, such as the Beijing-style Moo Shu pork, chicken with curry sauce, Mongolian beef, and a lot more. They also have a small wine list available if you would like to pair your meal with a glass.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a lively and energetic atmosphere, stop by The Charhouse BBQ & Grill, an informal barbecue eatery that doubles as a bar where you can hang out with friends or watch the weekly football game. The menu is outfitted with mostly American fare, including starters like grilled wings and truffle fries as well as burgers like the house-made veggie burger and the Charhouse cheeseburger. Their main entrees include such dishes as the hardwood grilled salmon, Angus filet Mignon, and BBQ baby back pork ribs.

When you’re in the mood for some shopping, the Oak Park Plaza is the main shopping mall in the community, where you can find popular shops, boutiques, and restaurants like CVS, Tony’s, the Breakfast Cafe, Starbucks, and numerous apparel stores. You might also enjoy stopping by Treasured Memories, a scrapbook store in Oak Park that offers a wide range of art supplies that’s sure to bring out the creative side of you. They also offer art classes that you can sign up with if you want to improve your skills.

The Oak Park Community Center and Gardens is the main entertainment and recreational complex in the community and includes an indoor dance floor, basketball arena, and event hall where birthday parties and weddings are oftentimes hosted. If you have children, you should visit the Kids World Family Fun Center, a video game arcade that’s filled with activities and attractions that will delight the whole family. This indoor playground facility is outfitted with a multi-level play structure that includes giant slides, obstacle courses, a ball pit, foam ball blasters, a basketball area, bumper balls, and an arcade area with fun and thrilling video games.

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