The Oak Park Community Center & Gardens

Oak Park Community Center & Gardens

Within the bustling community of Oak Park is the wonderful and highly popular Oak Park Community Center & Gardens, which has close proximity to some of the best shopping centers and nightlife in the area. Oak Park is a family-friendly community that’s lined with picturesque neighborhoods and adventurous recreational areas where you and your family can spend the entire day. The Oak Park community is notable for its nature reserves and high amount of flora within city limits, which is on display within The Oak Park Community Center & Gardens, a place that provides residents of Oak Park with a vast amount of exciting activities to partake in. Whether you love to hike or would prefer to spend time with your children at the spacious water park, this community center offers something for everyone.

Playground & Water Park

One of the more popular aspects of the Oak Park Community Center & Gardens for children is the playground area and water park that comes with a wide array of fun things to do for children and adults alike. The playground and water park are family-friendly and great for kids, especially those who love to spend time on swings or gallivanting on top of a jungle gym, making their way through tubes and down slides. Within this portion of the community center, you’ll even find a sizable picnic area that’s shaded and includes six lengthy picnic tables, making it the perfect place to go for a family gathering.

Alongside the playground are several benches with ample amounts of shade, where you can sit and relax while your child is spending time on the playground. The water park consists mostly of larger ponds where ducks will swim by, allowing you to feed them at times when they aren’t scared away. Just beside the playground is a large splash pad that your kids will love, as small spouts of water burst out from the pad and unique sprinklers spray water from above, which is perfect during those hot summer months when the best way to get cool is to not mind getting wet.

The Oak Park Community Center Dog Park!

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If you’ve just moved into the Oak Park community and have brought a dog (or several dogs) with you, you’ll probably be looking for some dog-friendly places to travel to throughout the community, which is where the Oak Park Community Center Dog Park comes into play. This dog park is very popular among residents of Oak Park for a variety of reasons, largely due to the fact that it’s within walking distance of most homes in the area and because it’s been set aside to be used specifically by dog owners, providing an exclusive area where owners and their pets can play fetch or just spend time relaxing in the comfortable Southern California weather.

In the event that you’ve recently moved to Oak Park and want to travel to this recreational area with your dog, you should know that it’s located at 5600 Hollytree Dr. in Oak Park, the entrance of which is just behind the Oak Canyon Community Park. The park itself is a fantastic location in a hilly region that offers spectacular views to anyone who visits. It’s very well maintained and taken care of, which should make your dog happy as they spend time frolicking in the fields and playing in the stream at the edge of the park. The park is generally divided into two separate play areas that are clearly labeled, one for larger dogs and one for smaller ones, which is done largely to ensure that the smaller dogs don’t get hurt accidentally when playing.

There are plenty of additional features of this dog park that you should be aware of for your next visit, such as the fact that there are several water fountains specially designed for dogs situated within park grounds, allowing your dog to get quick refreshment whenever they get winded. A couple of other amenities provided by the park include bags to clean up after your pet and extra tennis balls whenever you’re looking to play fetch with your dog. You can also make use of a shaded picnic area that comes with a couple of useful picnic tables and benches for relaxing. If you find the idea of visiting this dog park to be a compelling one, it’s open from sunrise to sundown, so you can visit whenever your schedule permits.

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Take a Stroll or Enjoy Running & Hiking Trails

The Oak Park community is surrounded by natural areas, parks, and hiking trails, the latter of which are perfect for running or taking a stroll. Each of the following trails offer a great space for those looking to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature while doing so. Take, for instance, the Medea Creek Natural Park, a recreational area that’s filled with hiking trails that are perfect for anyone who’s looking for fantastic views and great scenery.

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The Medea Creek trail is a somewhat lengthy 1.5 mile trail that’s popular among cyclists and runners, the trailhead of which is located at Kanan road, just nearby the Oak Park Library. As you hike the trail along paved and dirt roads, you’re likely to spot numerous ducks and birds that love to spend their time at the creek that sits beside the trail itself. Much of the trail is simple to navigate but it can get steep at points, so you’ll want to bring some water along with you. During your walk, you can also choose to take a break and relax or eat lunch at one of the several picnic tables that are situated alongside the trail.

Another highly popular trail nearby the Oak Park Community Center is that of the Hummingbird Creek Trail, a lengthy 2.3 mile trail that winds along Hummingbird Creek and eventually leads up through picturesque sandstone rock formations, finally placing you at 1,000 ft. of elevation. Many people who run this trail choose to stop at the Rocky Peak Fire Road that intersects it after about .6 miles and just turn around for a run of 1.2 miles in total, a move that’s definitely recommended for parents who bring their children due to the steep nature of the remainder of the trail. If you hike the entire trail, you’re going to want to stock up on water and take breaks on a regular basis. When you decide to travel to this trail, head north on Kuehner Dr. and you will eventually find the trailhead to the right around .2 miles after passing the 118 freeway.

Whether traveling with children, dogs, or by yourself, the Long Canyon Trail is accommodating to all skill levels, as there are several walking paths throughout this winding path. The trail itself is around 2.35 miles in length and provides visitors with fantastic views of both Simi Valley and Wood Ranch. The trail starts on the Northern portion of Long Canyon Road and is situated just nearby the Wood Ranch Parkway. At a certain point in your hike, you’ll come along a clear area where many people decide to turn around, but you can choose to continue taking the Long Canyon Road and add about 1.25 miles to your entire journey. During your time spent in the Long Canyon Trail, you’re certain to spot some of the local wildlife and should definitely consider taking along your camera if you’re just looking to take a stroll along the trail.

Host to Local Events & Activities


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The Oak Park Community Center & Gardens also plays host to many local events and activities and can be reserved whenever you wish to host an event of your own, from a birthday party for your daughter or friend to a wedding for you and your partner. The main event hall in this venue is rather spacious and can accommodate smaller gatherings of around 30 people or larger gatherings of up to 250 guests. Just outside the venue is a beautiful outdoor gazebo area that’s primarily used for hosting weddings. Chairs can be placed around the gazebo, providing guests with a great view of the soon-to-be married couple.

The community center operates from 10:00AM to 8:00PM Monday through Friday and 9:00AM to 3:00PM on Saturdays, allowing you to reserve an event at anytime during these hours. If you would like to reserve this venue for an event at some point in the future, this can be done by calling 818-865-9304 or by emailing staff at

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The fees associated with renting this venue range dramatically depending on how many rooms you’re renting and how many guests you expect to arrive. There are eight rooms that you can use when renting this venue for an event you’re hosting, including a meeting room, multi-purpose room, warming kitchen, fitness room, auditorium, amphitheater, game room, and computer room. Once you’ve made a reservation at the Oak Park Community Center, all of your needs regarding setup and preparation for the event are managed and taken care of so as to alleviate your stress and allow you to have a good time alongside your guests.

Oak Park is a community known for its beautiful weather and many amenities that residents are fortunate to enjoy. The community center is located at 1000 N Kanan Rd
Oak Park CA 91377

Are you looking to call Oak Park home and want to find the perfect house to settle down in? If so, call us today to learn more about this beautiful community and all that it has to offer! You may reach one of our professional Oak Park Real Estate Agents on our contact page or by calling us directly at (818) 222-9500,

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