Buyers Services

Buyers Services

At Ewing & Associates, our mission is to unite home buyers with their vision. By listening carefully to each client’s wants and needs, our agents discover the best options available. Skillful negotiations, professional transaction management and follow-up after closing are all integral to the service our clients have come to expect from our company.

Fieldstone Escrow

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Fieldstone Escrow serves as the in-house escrow service for Ewing & Associates. Professional closing services are vital to ensure a smooth trouble free home sale experience.... Read More

Green Initiative Partners


At Ewing & Associates, we value our environment and natural resources. We are committed to working with partners and vendors who share our passion for the planet. We... Read More

Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Ewing & Associates is dedicated to making the relocation process trouble-free. We understand the stress a major move causes for your employee's entire family. We know... Read More

“Life of an Escrow”


This represents a list of the major aspects of escrow only. The Buyer and Seller come to an agreement on the terms of the Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions. Open... Read More

Our Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives It is our goal to set an example for our industry by introducing tangible changes to our business practices and by making environmentally sound resources... Read More


Grand Foyer

Ewing & Associates' maintains a preferred relationship with Prospect Mortgage, one of the nation's largest independent residential retail lenders. Prospect's highly... Read More