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The Oaks Calabasas

Living in The Oaks Calabasas

The Oaks Calabasas, in Los Angeles County, California, is a rather new, large gated community in which development really started kicking off in the early 2000s, according to Forbes. Homes are more closely placed than in the nearby Hidden Hills neighborhood giving this tight-knit neighborhood a feeling of security and community. With a tightly planned development, it boasts a community center, an Olympic sized pool, and multiple tennis courts. But for even more exclusive, luxurious living, the Estates of the Oaks Calabasas is an ultra-gated community enclave of about 50-55 homes, which many celebrities and notable professionals are calling home. Typically The Oaks Calabasas properties are upwards of 5,500 square feet and range from $2.5-2.7+ million dollars, and can break the low $3 millions ceiling in value. Estates of the Oaks Calabasas properties, being in a more prestigious area, are often 3 times as large, from 7,000-20,000 square feet, or almost half an acre (0.45913682 acres to be exact, for those using a calculator), and are appraised at values three, four, or five times as much, starting at $7-8MM, all the way up to $12MM. The Oaks Calabasas was once home to the 2,800-acre Warner Bros. Ranch, where some of the most famous films to ever grace the silver screens of Hollywood were filmed, including “Casablanca”.

The Oaks Calabasas subdivision is tucked snugly away behind Park Estates, Hidden Hills, and the Calabasas Country Club sitting comfortably at the foot of the majestic Santa Monica mountains of California at the bottom of Las Virgenes Canyon. Juan Bautista de Anza Park is where the famous Pumpkin Festival is currently held, which you can find right at the bottom of Las Virgenes Rd, just past the A.E. Wright Middle School where your young children will enjoy the benefits of an education from the accomplished Las Virgenes Unified School District. On your busy afternoons picking the kids up school, you may enjoy stopping to check out the Erewhon Market Natural Foods Store to pick up groceries for the week. As you head back north on your way home, appreciate the variety of fast food and coffee shop restaurants to satisfy those guilty pleasure cravings after a long day.

History of The Oaks Calabasas

There are two prominent theories about where Las Calabasas got its name, but the one favored by local residents is based on the fact that in Spanish, “calabaza” means “pumpkin, squash, or gourd”, and there are a number of wild squash plants growing in the area. According to local tradition, in 1824 a Basque rancher was wagoning down east of the Las Virgenes Road, on the old El Camino Real, on the road to Los Angeles. The cart was overturned and spilled its load of pumpkins, which went tumbling down the road. The Spring of 1825 saw a huge growth of the crop by the side of that stretch, where the pumpkin seeds took root. Thus the name of the place was called “Las Calabasas– the place where the pumpkins fell.”

An Annual Pumpkin Festival is held by the city every October in honor of the legend, including historical exhibits, live entertainment shows, and carnival games. What used to be a small-town fair tradition has grown into a significant event for the local area. The location of the first fair has been added to the local beliefs, reportedly taking place in the first pumpkin patch of the town, right down the very same stretch of road the pumpkins fell.Other The Pumpkin Festival isn’t the only tourist attraction in town on the calendar, though, you can also come to see sights such as Eggstravaganza, The Fine Arts Festival, The Fourth of July Spectacular and The Calabasas Film Festival!

Las Calabasas official symbol is the image of a red-tailed hawk flying over the Santa Monica Mountains, which represents their dedication to local wildlife preservation, natural beauty, and a semi-rural way of life. The flag hangs proudly from City Hall and in the City Council Chambers.

The Estates at the Oaks: Behind the Paparazzi-proof Gates

Many Hollywood stars of dazzling fame and fortune also come here to enjoy the quiet peace and security away from the intrusive cameras of paparazzi. Notable residents include singers, actors, and songwriters, as well as famous entrepreneurs and businessmen. Why do so many stars and starlets flock to The Oaks Calabasas and Hidden Hills area? A number of enticing features attract residents, not least of which including the privacy and security (despite the safety of the neighborhood, many homes additionally enjoy the included protections of emergency rooms for extra peace of mind), but credit is also due to the highly favored public school district Las Virgenes Unified School District. The Calabasas High School in this district debuted a $19MM performing arts center a few winters ago, which was funded by local voters passing bonds on their real estate, showing just how much residents of the Oaks are devoted to being patrons of the arts a preserving their image as a veritable and literal spa of cultural venues. Executives from respectable producing companies are also numbered among the many interesting residents you can find here, such as Academy of Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak. Their neighbors in the nearby Hidden Hills include Miramax owner Ronald Tutor, NBC, CBS, and Fox News all have successful news workers living in the area as well.

Recreation & Amenities, Dining, Shopping & Entertainment at The Oaks Calabasas

The Oaks Calabasas provides premium access to yoga, swimming pools, fitness gyms, basketball and tennis courts, and more at its premier Community Recreation Center, with the quality of a 5-star resort! Be sure to stop by the local Sagebrush Cantina to enjoy some local cuisine and take a rest while you’re touring the area and enjoy the scenery! Or perhaps you’ll take your refresher at Lovi’s Delicatessen! In Calabasas Park Estates, next door to the Oaks, you’ll find Culinary Creations by Chumie. You’re almost here!

Brandon’s Village

Brandon’s Village is a playground at Gates Canyon Park. It attracts over 5,000 special-needs children from Calabasas and surrounding communities such as Hidden Hills. Designer Shane’s Inspiration, a nonprofit organization that designs and builds universally accessible playgrounds, created Brandon’s Village to be 1 whole acre of playground equipment over 70% independently playable by children with special needs. Located within the Gates Canyon Park, it’s placed on the other side of town from the Juan Bautista de Anza Park. Remember the Pumpkin Festival? This recreation area sports no historic gourds or town legends, but it is conveniently located right near Lupin Hill Elementary School, which additionally boasts not one, not two, or even three, but a whole FOUR Baseball Diamonds. The perfect place for families with young children to get out in the sun and have fun! The Brandon’s Village Playground at Gates Canyon Park! Lupin Hill Elementary kids from the Oaks will feel especially lucky to have it so close to the rest of their playground.

Schools available to residents of The Oaks Calabasas

Of particular note is the School District, Las Virgenes, the district Calabasas High School is zoned to. Agoura Hills, Bell Canyon, and Hidden Hills are also included in this district. With all the hype we’ve built up for it, let’s get straight to the point about why LVUSD is one of the best possible school districts to send your child to for growth and opportunity for years to come:

Features and Accomplishments of LVUSD
Top AP scores (top 2% in state)
Acceptances to top universities
Small class sizes
Lowest student to counselor ratio in region
STEAM (Science/Tech/Engineering/Arts/Math)
Waldorf-inspired, Singapore Math, K-8 school

High School International Baccalaureate
Elementary School Foreign Lang/Dual Immersion
Elementary School Arts and Technology focus
High School Media and Entertainment Academy
Self-contained GATE classroom at AE Wright

Elementary and Middle School
The city holds two middle schools, one for the western half, Arthur E. Wright Middle School, and a newer middle school opened since 2004 to serve the eastern side of town, Alice C. Stelle Middle School. Chaparral, Round Meadow, Lupin Hill, and Bay Laurel are among the public elementary schools of the Las Virgenes District.

Private School
The prestigious Viewpoint School is the city’s private school.

Top Employers from The Oaks Calabasas

The Oaks Calabasas also boasts a thriving economy of tech companies, the school district, Bank of America, and The Cheesecake Factory headquarters. Some of the tech companies merge or move, but some of these companies are the originals that started up the region in the dotcom bubble era.

Interested In Calling The Estates At The Oaks Calabasas Home?

Why are so many calling our offices to move to the Oaks? It could be our renowned top-rated schools, or it could be our star-studded list of who’s-who’s who already live here. It could be the beautiful scenic location in the quiet canyons behind Los Angeles, California, or it could be the lavish and luxury dream homes you’ve always been waiting to buy. It could be the access to world-class parks, recreation and dining experiences, or the fabulous libraries. Browse our inventory of available listings at The Estates at the Oaks Calabasas today!

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