Must-do Easter Events & Fun Activities in the Conejo Valley!

Easter Activities in the Conejo Valley

Easter is an exciting time of the year for the whole family. Whether you’re going on an Easter egg hunt or visiting the Easter bunny at The Promenade, you’re sure to find some activity or event that piques your interest in the Conejo Valley. Easter is both a festival and a holiday that is believed to have first started in the 2nd century.

Despite the religious background and origin of Easter, it’s been celebrated as a holiday by people of all faiths and beliefs, with favorite Easter activities including everything from egg and scavenger hunting to parades with an Easter theme. The concept of the Easter bunny was actually conceived in the 1500’s by the Germans. It eventually made its way to America around the time of the Civil War.

The many communities in the Conejo Valley each hold a variety of activities and events for all to enjoy. The following is a closer look at some of the must-do Easter events and activities in the Conejo Valley this year.


The Bunny Trail Junior Egg Hunt in Calabasas

The Bunny Trail Junior Egg Hunt is one of the more unique Easter events that’s being held at De Anza Park in Calabasas on April 15th, the day before Easter. The actual egg hunt is open to all children ages eight and under. Tickets to the egg hunt cost $3 per child. These tickets will have needed to be purchased in advance at De Anza Park by March 13th at the latest. Even if you haven’t purchased any tickets, you and your children can spend time around the bunny trail in the park, a special location allotted for everything from crafts like face painting to a petting zoo. Children can even get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny! Along this trail will be a large amount of hidden Easter eggs, so the children who were unable to participate in the hunt will still go home with some delicious candy.

Spring Egg Hunt and Arts & Crafts Show in Oak Park

The Spring Egg Hunt and Arts & Crafts Show is a fun-filled and activity-laden event taking place in Oak Park on April 15th, just a day before Easter. Children who wish to participate in the egg hunt should take their own basket. As a whole, the event lasts from 9:30AM to 2:00PM. As for the egg hunt itself, it’s divided into four hunts, each designed for different ages. Children three and under will partake in the egg hunt at 9:30AM. Ages 4-5 start at 10:45AM, which is followed by ages 6-7 at 11:00AM. Lastly, children ages 8-10 will begin at 11:15AM.

Along with the egg hunts, you and your children will certainly enjoy perusing the many vendor booths all throughout the park. These booths contain jewelry, soaps, puppets, clothing, toys, hair ornaments, and a lot more. You’ll also find some food vendors in the vicinity whenever you get hungry. Slides, a mini Ferris-wheel, and a selection of additional rides can also be found at this event. Adults should look forward to the free egg throwing event. Any participants must sign up by noon. The person who throws their egg the furthest wins a prize.

Easter Egg Hunt at The Oaks Mall

Start out your Easter celebrations a week early by attending the Easter Egg Hunt at The Oaks Mall. This hunt starts on Saturday, April 8th. This annual event is a fantastic way for you and your children to spend time socializing with the people of Conejo Valley. While the main activity of this event is a standard Easter egg hunt, there will also be a whole host of fun prizes to win, music to listen to, and activities to partake in!

While the entire event takes place from 10:00AM to noon, it’s divided into two separate events, each lasting an hour long. This provides children with the ability to obtain a large amount of prizes and candy. If you’re considering taking your kids to this Easter egg hunt, make sure that each one brings along an Easter basket to place in all of the candy and other treasures they find during the hunt.

Visit the Easter Bunny at The Promenade Westlake Mall

What better way to celebrate the Easter holiday than by spending time visiting the Easter Bunny at the Promenade at Westlake Mall. Your children will be able to meet with the Easter Bunny, talk with him, and even have their photo taken with the bunny. The Easter Bunny will be at The Promenade starting from April 8th until April 15th. On Monday through Thursday, you can visit anytime between 2:00PM and 7:00PM. On Friday through Sunday, the hours that the Easter Bunny can be visited extend from 11:00AM to 7:00PM. You’re sure to have fun taking your kids to the event and your children will remember this moment for years to come. The photo taken when visiting the Easter Bunny is professionally-shot, so you can expect a high quality photo that you can frame when you get home or give to your child to hang onto.

Community Egg-vent, Borchard Park in Newbury Park

Eggvent in Borchard Park

The community Egg-vent is one of the premier Easter events that takes place in Borchard Park in Newbury Park and is hosted by the Bridge Church. This exciting event takes place on April 14th, otherwise known as Good Friday. Thankfully, schools are closed on this day, so feel free to take the whole family down to the Egg-vent! This event lasts from 10:00AM to noon and is filled with numerous fun Easter activities that parents and children alike are sure to enjoy. Stop by the live animal show and live children’s music in-between all of the activities situated throughout the park. There will also be a selection of field and carnival games on display at the Egg-vent. Arts and crafts like bracelet-crafting and face-painting are exceedingly popular with visitors, as are the candy-filled eggs that can be found in the park. Your children can also get a picture with the Easter Bunny at anytime during the event.

“Big Bunny’s Spring Fling” at the Los Angeles Zoo

LA Zoo Big Bunny Spring Fling

The Big Bunny’s Spring Fling is a wonderful annual event that takes place at the Los Angeles Zoo. This year, the event is being held from April 14-16. You can visit anytime between 11:00AM and 4:00PM on each of the three days. This annual celebration is one of the more lively Easter events around, as you and your children will be able to partake in a wide variety of fun and exciting Easter activities. The event itself is free as long as you have admission to the zoo. Your children are sure to love taking photos with the Big Bunny. Don’t miss Bubblemania, which is a giant bubble-making activity with a hands-on demonstration. The Big Bunny’s Spring Fling is also set to offer some educational facts to guests, including some fascinating info on woolly sheep and fluffy rabbits. Some of the main arts and crafts activities that the whole family can enjoy include face-painting and even seed-planting that’s sure to interest nature lovers. This is just a small example of all the fun you can have at this event.

Conejo Valley Easter Events on Easter Day

50th Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Pierce Brothers Westlake Village

The 50th annual Easter Sunrise Service is a church service held on Easter day at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks-Griffin Memorial Park. This annual service begins at 6:00AM and lasts for several hours. It takes place specifically at 5600 Lindero Canyon Road in Westlake Village, which is just north of the 101 Freeway. This unique church service is highlighted by glowing luminaries that take the shape of a cross. This cross is situated just to the back of the podium, wherein clergy members from several different faiths come together to celebrate Easter morning. During this event, the song “Amazing Grace” will be played on bagpipes, which makes for a unique experience for anyone who has never heard this instrument before. Scripture readings, prayers, and music will also take place throughout the service. Once the service has concluded, some light refreshments will be served.

Easter Brunch at the Westlake Village Inn

Easter Brunch at Westlake Village Inn

Easter Brunch is held every year at the Westlake Village Inn. The event lasts all the way from 10:30AM to 3:00PM. If your children are looking for something fun to do, have them participate in the Easter egg hunt, which begins at around 12:00PM. While this is the main attraction of the Easter Brunch, there are several other Easter activities that you can partake in when spending time there. Don’t miss the face painting booths where you and your children can paint your face with bunny ears and noses. A nice petting zoo can also be found at the Westlake Village Inn, providing you with a wide selection of animals to touch and look at. Throughout the day, you might also want to take your kids to look at the Easter Bunny, who is available to take pictures with.

Easter Egg Hunt at Christ the King Church Newbury Park

The Easter Egg Hunt at Christ the King Church takes place on Easter Sunday in Newbury Park. This fun and eventful egg hunt is open to children from the ages of infants to fifth-graders. Don’t forget to pick up a delicious pancake breakfast to start your day right. Aside from the egg hunt, all Easter activities are held indoors and admission is entirely free. The pancake breakfast lasts from 9:00AM to 10:00AM, while the Easter egg hunt takes place from 10:00AM to 10:30AM. If you arrive early, you may want to stop by the Easter service, which lasts from 8:30AM to 9:00AM. A separate sunrise service starts at 6:30AM, though this might be too early for some. Following the conclusion of the Easter egg hunt, a final Easter praise service is held.

We really hope that you enjoy this eventful Easter holiday with your family and loved ones. No matter which events you choose to go to in the Conejo Valley, you’re sure to have a splendid time with all of the exciting events and activities this area has to offer. For more about real estate, events, and community information, please feel free to stop by our Conejo Valley office in Westlake Village or call us today at (818) 575-9915! We look forward to hearing from you!

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