See Why Pet Lovers Love Westlake Village!

Why Pet Lovers Love Westlake Village

If you’re a pet lover, you’ll certainly be in good company among the residents of Westlake Village, who love their pets and make sure the entire community is accommodating to all. The community is friendly and welcoming, where pets can roam about in the beautiful nearby parks and spend time in the comfortable Southern California weather. Westlake Village is also a clean and safe community, so there’s no reason to hesitate when bringing your furry friend. If you’ve just bought a home in Westlake Village or are currently searching for one, the following pet-friendly locales and areas throughout Westlake Village should be the go-to destinations for you and your pets.

Pet Friendly Restaurants in Westlake Village

When enjoying a day out and about with your pets, there comes a time when you’ll want to enjoy a meal with the beautiful surroundings of Westlake Village, which is why you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants all throughout the city! If you’re in the mood for some Italian cuisine, Pitfire Artisan Pizza is a cozy and comfortable eatery in Westlake Village that allows dogs on the outdoor patio. Some of the more popular Italian dishes at this restaurant include the linguini bolognese pasta and the pesto chicken pizza as well as the smothered cookie with ice cream for dessert. When visiting this restaurant with your dog, the waiters even bring a bowl of water outside so that your dog stays refreshed while you eat!


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If you want to treat your dog to something really special, take them to the Lazy Dog Cafe, a highly unique restaurant that’s catered just as much to dogs as it is their owners. While dogs aren’t allowed inside the restaurant, there’s an outdoor patio area that’s designed to accommodate dogs. One of the more unique aspects of this dog-friendly restaurant is that it offers a dog-friendly menu alongside the regular menus. Your dog is provided with a complimentary bowl of water before the meal, and you can choose from three possible dishes for your dog, including a grilled hamburger patty and brown rice, a grilled chicken breast and brown rice, or just plain brown rice for a meatless diet.

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When spending a day out on the town with your dog, you’ll also want to consider stopping by Mendocino Farms, a casual eatery that specializes in fresh and organic sandwiches and salads, with plenty of options making it the perfect destination for vegans and vegetarians. You can expect to see such dishes as steak BLT on pretzel and chicken MBT on the menu as well as a wide array of seasonal meatless sandwiches that change all throughout the year. Just outside of Mendocino Farms is a spacious patio area with several tables, the whole of which is dog-friendly, so don’t hesitate to order your meal and take your dog outside to eat and enjoy the view. These are just a few of the many pet-friendly restaurants in and around Westlake Village!

Pet Hotels & Veterinary Care in Westlake Village

Even the best and most caring pet owners in the world will invariably find that they will need to go out of town from time to time, whether for a business trip or a family vacation. Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to take your pet with you, which is the perfect time to make use of a pet hotel or professional veterinary care, both of which are well-represented in Westlake Village.

Are you looking for a more exclusive and personalized destination for your dog while you travel out of town? If so, the Barkley Pet Hotel in Westlake Village is just the place for you. This luxurious pet-care resort offers dogs over 50,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art facilities where they can spend time with other canines while you’re away, partaking in such activities as day camp and dog training that could help them learn a new trick or two.

No matter how long your dog is set to stay at this pet hotel, they will be provided with lavish overnight accommodations that include three walks each day, service for breakfast and dinner, continuous fresh water, linen service, 24-hour supervision, comfortable bedding, and even access to television and music if they require it. While your pet is booked at this facility, you might also want to consider scheduling a grooming salon & spa session for them, which comes complete with de-shedding and mineral mud treatments, facials, salon cuts, massages, and a lot more.

Maybe your dog isn’t as well behaved as you would like them to be (we’ve all been there). If so, a one-week training program at The Barkley Academy might be in order, which will provide your pet with a mix of one-on-one daily training and group classes that will help them behave properly in front of other animals promoting good social etiquette. During your dog’s stay at this hotel, they might also want to spend time at the Doggie Day Camp, a cage-free area where your dog can participate in a large number of exciting activities in a spacious play area that extends for over 12,000 sq. ft. Your dog will be able to use his or her excess energy to exercise and socialize with other furry animals, allowing them to have fun even while you’re away.

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The VCA Westlake Village Animal Hospital is an award-winning vet hospital that’s situated just beside the Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa and aims to keep your dog as healthy as possible so that they can live long and happy lives. The well-trained, highly experienced, personalized staff consists of numerous veterinarians, technicians, and even dog-friendly support staff, all of which have been trained to provide both preventive and healing care in a friendly and welcoming manner so that your dog is never frightened.

You’ll also be happy to know that the facilities that make up this animal hospital are designed to provide for every need that your dog could have, which is clear by the presence of an isolation ward, a dual-surgery center, a shaded exercise area, a cozy reception area, x-ray equipment, and even a rehabilitation center that’s outfitted with a water treadmill to facilitate quicker healing. Whenever you’re going out of town, there are no better destinations for your dogs to stay at than the Barkley Pet Hotel and the VCA Westlake Village Animal Hospital.

Westlake Village Local Dog Parks

Westlake Village is filled to the brim with recreational areas and parks that are perfect for when you wish to take your dog for some much-needed exercise. Since much of Westlake Village consists of park land, there are plenty of places you and your dog can visit when looking for a nice outdoor destination that your pet will love. While many of the parks in and around Westlake Village are able to accommodate pets, there are a couple that are specifically dedicated towards dogs, providing you and your pet with an exclusive area where you can play and exercise whenever you want.

You’ll definitely want to stop by the Conejo Creek Dog Park once you’ve moved into a nearby house, as it’s outfitted with areas that can accommodate both large and small dogs of any breed. This 3.5-acre park is divided into two areas, the first of which is designed for smaller dogs under 30 lbs. and the second of which is made for all dogs over 30 lbs. Strewn all throughout this unique park are dog water fountains, so you’ll be able to keep your dog well-refreshed while strolling through the park. A variety of picnic tables and shaded structures can also be found on park grounds, so you can make a day of it and spend hours having fun with your pup. The park itself is open daily from 7:00AM to 8:30PM, though you’ll find that it’s closed for two hours starting from 7:00AM each Thursday, so plan your trip accordingly.

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Another very similar dog park in the area around Westlake Village is the Oak Canyon Dog Park, a popular destination for dog owners searching for a natural area where their dogs can play and exercise to their heart’s content. The scenery is particularly beautiful at this location, as the park resides on a hilly region that’s quiet and well-maintained with dog water fountains, water bowls, bags to pick any waste your dog leaves, and even spare tennis balls when you wish to play fetch with your dog. The park stays open from sunrise to sundown, so don’t hesitate to stop by whenever you so desire.

Nearby Westlake Village Dog-friendly Hiking Trails

Once you’ve selected a home in Westlake Village, consider going on an adventure with your dog by taking taking them to some of the local dog-friendly hiking trails, of which there are many in the community. There are well over 20 dog-friendly hiking trails in and around Westlake Village, all of which offer varying difficulty that you’ll need to consider before starting your journey.

One of the premier hiking destinations for dogs and people alike in Southern California is Solstice Canyon, a somewhat mild hike that offers spectacular views of the nearby ocean. Along the way, you and your dog are certain to encounter some of the local wildlife such as woodpeckers, fence lizards, and alligator lizards. The trailhead starts just around the park entrance and extends to the tropical grotto area, a beautiful destination that’s great for taking pictures or letting your dog frolic in the water. While this trail is dog-friendly, your pet must remain on a leash and they aren’t allowed past a certain point, which is marked by the start of the ruins just after the aforementioned grotto.

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If you’re searching for a lengthier hike than the 1-mile trail provided at the Solstice Canyon, the Satwiwa Loop Trail may be just what you’re looking for. This 2.5 mile trail extends from Satwiwa to the Pacific Ocean and takes around 1.5 hours to fully complete, though you may want to allow for more time in the event that you and your furry friend enjoy taking in the scenery. While walking your dog, you’re sure to spot some prairie falcons, deer, roadrunners, rabbits, and hawks, which makes for a highly picturesque and eventful walk.

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Another pet-friendly hiking trail you might want to consider is the popular Grotto Trail, a beautiful 3-mile trail in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area that has a trailhead starting at the Circle X Ranch. As you make your way to the grotto, the trail descends, taking you through areas filled with large rocks and small creeks where wildflowers are abundant. The trail itself is moderately difficult for dogs, so you’ll need to be cautious if you’re bringing your furry hiking buddy.

Are you searching for a pet-friendly, clean, and welcoming community?

If so, Westlake Village may be the place for you! Let us help you find the home of your dreams, stop by our Westlake Village office today!

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