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Westlake Village Lake

When you’re starting to narrow down your list of cities where you would like to purchase a home, consider Westlake Village, which is one of the most desirable places to live in the Conejo Valley and boasts amazing views of the surrounding Westlake Lake. This city is a planned community that was designed to provide residents with a safe and private place to live, which is displayed by the fact that much of Westlake Village is surrounded by open space, complete with hiking trails for exercising and horse trails if you enjoy riding. With three golf courses and country clubs to select from, many residents of this community love to golf, a love that’s buoyed by the pleasant and sunny weather that persists all throughout the year.

As a planned community itself, Westlake Village plays host to a large variety of gated communities and popular neighborhoods that you might want to keep on your radar. Of the 20 gated neighborhoods situated throughout Westlake Village, most have homes that cost upwards of $1 million or higher, due mainly to the added security and privacy that a gated community provides. For a more family-friendly gated community, consider Kensington Park and North Shore, two communities that offer scenic mountain views, a variety of homes, and an abundance of safety. If you wish to live in style and have the budget to do so, the Oak Place and Westlake Trails neighborhoods should be at the top of your list. With home prices that average $1.5 million on the low end, these communities offer seclusion and stunning views with homes that match your luxurious lifestyle.

History of Westlake Village

The history of Westlake Village is a compelling one that first began some 3,000 years ago when Chumash Indians settled into the area, although it wasn’t until the late 18th century when Spanish explorers and missionaries started to use the area of Westlake Village in earnest before it eventually became one of the first Spanish land grants. When Mexico fought for and won their independence from Spain in 1821, this land grant became a part of Mexican territory and would remain that way until it was sold to the Russell brothers in 1881, primarily for cattle ranching.

This land would switch hands a few more times before being bought by the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company in 1963. In coordination with Prudential Insurance Company, a plan was created to have a city built that was surrounded by country and rural area. In the years following, this planned community was built to match 1960’s style suburbanism, eventually becoming incorporated as the City of Westlake Village, after which the area became a popular community for people looking to settle down in Southern California.

Westlake Village Schools & Education

If you’re wondering what type of education your children will receive, Westlake Village is served partly by the Conejo Valley Unified School District as well as the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Although there are several additional private schools and charter schools to select from, the primary public schools available to Westlake Village residents include White Oak Elementary as a part of LVUSD and Westlake Hills Elementary, and Westlake High as a part of the CVUSD.

Las Virgenes Schools

The Las Virgenes School District is one of the most acclaimed school districts in the country!

Each of these schools are distinguished in their own way and have gained a reputation as providing their students with a fantastic education, which is displayed through the yearly awards that each have received. White Oak Elementary was named as a National Blue Ribbon School in 1986 and 1994, while Westlake Hills Elementary has been the recipient of a wide array of awards over the years, including the prestigious Governor’s Performance Award. As for Westlake High School, it was one of the 329 National Blue Ribbon Schools in 2016, which is an award that’s designed to recognize high performing schools that are among the best performing ones in their respective state.

Westlake Village Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

Although the city itself is small, Westlake Village is packed with intriguing attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants that are sure to satisfy. If you enjoy spending time among nature and want to visit a place where you can relax and take it easy, then consider stopping by The Gardens of the World, which are beautiful botanical gardens that highlight the culture and gardening practices of the places they represent. As you take a stroll through the gardens, you’ll spot different sections for Japanese gardens, French gardens, Italian gardens, and also a Mission courtyard that focuses on the early history of California.

When spending time with the entire family, The Stadium is an exciting venue that offers dozens of different types of games to play in a sizable 3,000 sq. ft. arena. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a get together with your children and their friends, The Stadium offers games for everyone to enjoy, although the primary attraction at this destination is laser tag. Other games you’ll have a chance to play while visiting include Foosball, ping pong, pool, air hockey, and chess.

If you enjoy shopping, then you’ll love living in Westlake Village, as it hosts two of the best shopping centers in Southern California, including The Promenade at Westlake and Shoppes at Westlake Village. The Shoppes at Westlake Village is a beautiful shopping destination that offers 35 stores to select from, which were chosen to provide shoppers with variety. Although Target is the main attraction at this shopping center, you’ll also find popular stores such as Lighthouse Salon Suites and Kirk Jewelers as well as dining options like The Gallery Restaurant and Los Agaves Restaurant. The Promenade at Westlake is a great place to spend time with friends and is outfitted with Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, an upscale movie theater that you don’t want to miss. Some of the main shops at this destination include Barnes & Noble, Sephora, and Vintage Grocers.

The Shoppes at Westlake Village

With a number of unique local stores, large shops, and luxury boutiques, Westlake Village has something to offer for all!

When you’re searching for a great place to dine at after moving into your new home, there are a large variety of delicious eateries to select from in Westlake Village for any palette. If you’re in the mood for classic American fare with a light Italian twist, consider placing a reservation at Boccaccio’s Restaurant, an upscale eatery that offers elegant outdoor seating with pristine lake views. When dining here, they have an extensive wine menu to choose from as well as dishes like chicken Toscano, herb crusted rack of lamb, and May Tag filet Mignon.

For more eclectic fare, Mediterraneo provides guests with a Mediterranean menu that’s filled with delectable dishes. Whether eating at the bar or at a table, you’ll have a vast menu to select from. For dinner, start your meal with flied calamari or butterfly jumbo shrimp. Most of their entrees use locally sourced ingredients, which can be found in such dishes as Australian lamb chops, prime rib eye, and chicken Parmigiana. For dessert, try the Florentine art or butterscotch pudding.

Westlake Village Homes for Sale

The homes in Westlake Village are exceedingly varied, as you can find smaller single-family homes with 1 or 2 bedrooms as well as sizable single-family residences with 4-5 bedrooms. Many of these homes overlook lakes and are built with swimming pools and hot tubs as key amenities.

Throughout Westlake Village, you’ll also find several neighborhoods that consist entirely of larger townhomes that are built with extensive green lawns and patios that offer views of the wonderful Westlake Village scenery. While the majority of homes in Westlake Village are single-family residences, some of the more affluent and expensive areas of Westlake Village include spacious estate homes, many of which are custom built, allowing you to search for one that matches your preference and tastes. These homes are outfitted with all of the latest amenities and modern designs, from an open layout that makes good use of space to stylish interior furnishings that provide an elegant and luxurious look to the home.

Now is a great time to purchase a home in Westlake Village, as recent market trends indicate that it’s currently a buyers market and is set to be for some time in the future. Although the average price per square foot for a house in Westlake Village has risen from $410 to around $424 over the past year, the median sales price for a home has dropped around 8 percent in totality. The month of August 2017 saw a median sales price of $800,000, a drop from $837,000 in April of this year. While current home prices are affordable, these prices have been gradually increasing over the past five years, but have done so at a slow rate, which is great when you’re attempting to find the home of your dreams.

An important facet of any home search is dealing with competition for the homes in the area, which means that your initial bid for a house might not be enough to close on the property. Since Westlake Village is one of the more attractive destinations for families and couples to settle down in Southern California, there’s a substantial amount of competition on the real estate market, which is displayed by the fact that even slower months usually have at least 80 homes taken off the market due to purchase. Between June and August 2017, the amount of homes sold varied between 153 and 160, although it’s important to understand that the end of summer and beginning of fall have been the most competitive and highest selling months for the past five years, which is why you’re likely to experience less competition as a buyer during the middle fall and early winter months.

If you have a specific amount of bedrooms in mind for the home you’re considering purchasing in Westlake Village, both 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom houses have seen drops in their overall price since the same time last year, the most dramatic of which is a nearly 18 percent drop in median sales price for 4-bedroom homes to a price of $931,000. On the other hand, 2-bedroom homes have seen an uptick in price by over 20 percent throughout the past year, resting currently at a median sales price of $540,000. With this info, you should have a better understanding of the pricing to expect when looking at a home in Westlake Village, helping you to avoid paying too much for your next home.

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