Everything you need to know about the Westlake Golf Course

Westlake Golf Course

The Westlake Golf Course is one of the premier courses in all of Southern California. It’s situated in the heart of Westlake Village, providing you with a great place to socialize or spend a day golfing whenever you need to get out and enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather.

The Golf Course Overview

From the start of the 1st hole to the end of the 18th, the course is just over 5,000 yards in length. With the speed at which this course plays, you should be able to finish a round of 18 holes in around 4 hours. The Westlake Village Golf Course is open all 365 days of the year. Each day, the course will open at daylight and close once darkness sets in.

If you’re visiting the course with two or more players, consider making tee times at least a week in advance. Single players are able to just walk on. Each hole of the course is crafted to be tricky, yet manageable. Throughout the majority of the 18 holes, you’ll find that there are plenty of conveniently placed sand traps. Holes 5 and 8 can be particularly tricky to master, as two sand traps are placed to the front of the pin, meaning that you’ll need to avoid hitting short, as the ball will get trapped in the sand.

Nine of the 18 holes also contain some form of water hazard that you should be on the lookout for. These water features add the right amount of challenge to your shot. On certain holes such as 4, 7, 9, and 13, you’ll need to hit over the water in order to land on the green. As for the greens at the Westlake Village Golf Course, they play somewhat fast, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t hit with too much power.

Many greens are challenging, with lots of little dips that can change the direction of your putt. You’ll need to utilize all of your skills if you wish to master the course. Of the 18 holes, seven are Par 3’s, nine are Par 4’s, and two are Par 5’s. Depending on your skill level, there are three hole placements you can hit from on each hole. These placements include silver, white, and blue. The silver placement is the closest to the hole and is great for anyone who hasn’t played much golf before. Only the most skilled of players should consider hitting from the blue placements.

Along with the main course, the Westlake Village Golf Course also consists of a nice driving ranges that allows you to practice your swing when not taking to the fairways. This range consists of 40 stalls with mats and offers a wide array of targets situated all throughout the field. The balls provided to you by the Westlake Village Golf Course are designed specifically for range, allowing you to readily determine how far you can hit and if you can do so accurately. There are four basket sizes to choose from depending on how many balls you would like to hit on the driving range. The warm-up basket provides you with 22 balls, while the small basket offers 45 balls. The medium basket provides 75 balls, while the large one gives you 115. Just beside the range is a small putting green and chipping green if you need to touch up other areas of your game.

Train with the Pros!

One of the popular features of the Westlake Village Golf Course is that it actually provides you with the means of training with the pros, which should drastically help your golf game by ironing out any issues and strengthening your golfing arsenal. This training program even includes video analysis that allows for a more in-depth look at your swing. This tool can also help to visualize what your optimal swing would look like. Lessons typically last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the Golf professional you choose to train with.

There are a total of eight professional instructors who can help you with your golf game. Each instructor has their own tools they employ to teach students how to properly swing a club. Both private and group lessons are available with these instructors. The lessons often take place on the driving range. These lessons aren’t just for beginners who’ve never swung a club — Even advanced players can gain some useful advice about their golf swing that could turn a par 67 into an under-par 65.

Join the Club!

One of the more unique aspects of the Westlake Village Golf Course is that it provides members with the opportunity to join a private club. These clubs are divided into three separate categories, one for men, one for women, and one for junior golfers. Each club has its own unique benefits and tee times throughout the year. The men’s club was established back in 1968 and is designed for regular golfers who are looking to establish and maintain a handicap. The women’s club was founded the same year and is meant to facilitate serious competition in a fun environment. Anyone who joins the women’s club will also become a member of the Women’s Public Links Golf Association of Southern California.

As for the junior’s club, it’s open to both boys and girls from the ages of 8-17, no matter what your skill level is. The junior’s club differs somewhat from the other clubs due to the inclusion of several additional activities throughout the year. Members of the junior’s club will be able to partake in group lessons, a clinic for rules and etiquette, a clinic for your swing and short game, weekly tournaments, and smaller contests on certain evenings of the week. This club is a little more laid back than the other two, and is meant for both fun and competition.

The lessons and clinics are taught specifically by professionals Steve Walker and Chris Lehmann Vatcher. As for the men’s club, members play every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year. Tee times differ depending on the day and the season. Members of the women’s club are tasked with playing every Tuesday and Thursday of the year. Membership is available to women of all ages and all abilities. However, prospective members will be asked to achieve a score of 115 or better to join. One of the primary benefits of being a part of one of these clubs is that you’re provided with greatly reduced green fee rates.

Host of the Blue Sun Music & Wine Festival

The first annual Blue Sun Music & Wine Festival was held at the Westlake Village Golf Course in late 2016. This event combines wine with music for an unforgettable time. If you’re looking to attend the next festival, which should take place in early September, you should expect some headlining musical performances by popular bands and musicians. The main act in last year’s festival was Hall & Oates, along with additional performances by Michael McDonald, Strunz & Farah, and Robert Davi.

While the music is playing, you can socialize with fellow visitors, take a look at some of the vendors situated throughout the area, or simply relax in the shade. The festival itself typically lasts for eight to nine hours. Alongside the music, there will also be a large number of vendors to choose from, many of which provide refreshments like hot dogs, pizza, and beer.

Some premium wine and cheese is provided by a selection of wineries that make the trip to the Westlake Village Golf Course, allowing you to sample some high quality bottles of wine that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to the wine and music, a selection of luxury and exotic cars are put on display, giving you an up-close look at many unique models. Parking is free and tickets are generally very affordable. If you’d like a better glimpse at the Blue Sun Music & Wine Festival and all that it entails, you can view photos of the 2016 event here.

Fees, Membership, & Tee Times

If you’re considering a visit to the Westlake Village Golf Course, you’re probably going to want to know about all of the fees and membership details as well as the tee times. As for the rates of playing at this course, they differ depending on a variety of factors. If you simply wish to take your clubs out onto the driving range, baskets of balls range from $2.50 to $10.00, depending on the size of the basket. The cart fees are levied per person and sit at $13.50 for 18 holes, $7.50 for nine holes, $7.50 when playing at twilight, $5.50 at super twilight, and $2.50 for a pull cart.

All of the aforementioned rates stay the same whether you’re golfing on a weekday or weekend. This is not the case with the standard golfing rates. For the following rates, the range of prices accounts for the difference in weekday and weekend prices. For a round of 18 holes, fees range from $30-$40. For a round of nine holes, these fees extend from $18-$22. When playing a round of 18 holes at twilight, fees range from $21-$27. At super twilight, these fees range from $16-$17. There are also a selection of special prices all throughout the year that you’ll want to keep in mind when planning a visit to the golf course.

The sole membership options at this golf course are specifically for the men, women, and junior golf clubs. To join one of these clubs, you must fill out an application and pay any associated fees. If you wish to join the men’s club, the fees extend from $80-$130, depending on which season of the year you join. Membership typically lasts until December of the year you join. However, if you join between October and December, membership lasts until December of the following year.

For the women’s club, fees are assessed by half-year and full-year. Half-year fees are $45, while full-year fees are $65. Since the Westlake Junior Golf Club is more involved than the other two, membership costs for the program are $285. If you wish to book a tee time, you can easily do so online. Make sure to book at least a week in advance for a party of two or more. Seniors receive reduced rates Monday through Friday!

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